Scathach’s Hall

  Only ruins stand today before our modern eyesGreen the grass within the wallNo more the music in her hallLong ago the warrior’s fallOr does our vision and our vaunted knowledge tell us lies? Where’s the warrior to be found who ran her fabled schoolOnly those with ears to hearWithin her hall the music clearHer … Continue reading Scathach’s Hall

Wild in the City

Even in the heart of the city there’s wildlife. I’m blessed to live near a bird sanctuary so for me this is even truer than it is for most, but look around you. I’ll bet you find your wild place. I’ve lived in cities most of my life and I’ve always found somewhere to go. … Continue reading Wild in the City

What Is Needful

Screw this. I see the acupuncturist tomorrow, I see my doctor on Monday. That’s what clean credit cards are for, and I keep mine that way for a reason. I can pay it off next check and I need to get all the help I can get. In the meantime, one of my Faire friends … Continue reading What Is Needful

Finding That Sweet Spot

Setbacks happen to everyone. We all have to ask ourselves each time, “is this a crushing blow, or an opportunity for growth and applied brilliance? For me, the latter wins every time. Overwhelming odds call out my Inner Pixie and really, the other alternative leads nowhere. Busking every day was one of those decisions that … Continue reading Finding That Sweet Spot