Don’t Expect Your Art To Support You

2 thoughts on “Don’t Expect Your Art To Support You”

  1. Thank you for your eloquent response. Likewise I’ve worked many jobs, worn many uniforms (cleaner, packer, shelf stacker, housekeeper, riding instructor, groom,) although I’ve never had the opportunity to work on a boat! I’m under no illusion Patreon will support me. Similarly I’ve had two blissful years of following the Awen which have reached an end and it’s time to return to work. I also accept that it’s not possible to make a living from one’s vocation, from one’s art, but how to endure the dissonance between being able to sustain one’s earthly needs and the calling to serve one’s gods through creating without descending into despair and crisis? What guidance can those of who have tried to walk between those twin poles offer to others?


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