The Sickness

4 thoughts on “The Sickness”

  1. There aren’t many people who would admit to wanting to be a Big Name Pagan for the fame involved, so kudos to you for admitting that, and congratulations on getting past it.

    I’m not a Big Name Pagan, though I’ve written several books.

    I write the books that I would like to read. I write to address gaps in what is currently on offer.

    Specifically, I write to suggest alternatives to the relentless heterocentricity of large swathes of Pagan practice. And every so often I get confirmation from the gods and ancestors that they like what I’m doing.

    I would like what I do to have a beneficial effect on Pagan practice, and to change things so that LGBTQIA people and disabled people and POC are included fully.

    I must admit that I would like it if posterity noted my efforts.

    I don’t want acolytes or neophytes or adoring fans (too much effort) but I would like fellow travellers to practice with.

    So I don’t want to be a Big Name Pagan in the full sense of that term … but I do want my efforts to be recognized and valued. Thankfully many people do recognize and value them.


    1. I just had the insane idea in the back of my head that I could be better employed elsewhere. Which is actually nothing more than the truth for all of us who are employed making money for our “betters.” Being a BNP just looked like a way out for a stupid moment in time. There is no shortcut out of the yardstick economy where we work to pay off thieves. A book contract would have jack-all to do with it… In any case, this isn’t an individual problem and it will never have an individual solution. We need to leave this world a better place than it was when we got here, and while all I really want is to spend my days chronicling this wonderful, terrible, crucial time we all inhabit, that is not where Gaia put this battered genderfluid footsoldier.

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      1. Ah ok gotcha.

        It’s pretty unlikely that a contract for a Pagan book would enable you to give up the day job (but you probably know that).

        And if you want to stay sane, I’d try to avoid the “hey I could make a living out of my hobby / spirituality”. Quickest way to destroy your spirituality. I started down that road; it doesn’t go anywhere nice.

        Also, waves to fellow genderfluid person :)


  2. Homeopathy is nonsense, whether you look at it physically or spiritually. Physically, the dilutions remove all but the tiniest active ingredients of a remedy; and simply shaking a compound mechanically and diluting it provide no infusion of mana/spirit/nwyfre etc.


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