Eating Our Own

7 thoughts on “Eating Our Own”

  1. beautifully expressed & powerful commentary, Bard!
    let’s heal & help others heal.
    yes, let us each do our best
    to learn, study & practice
    our interconnection
    with each other
    and everything! :-)

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  2. Here via Sue Vincent. As a rule, I do not read blog commentary, precisely for reasons that you have brought so well into the light in this article, as I admit to being an impressionable human. In addition to blog commentary I avoid the news, and advertisements be they print or televised. My reasoning (tho’ many would brush it off as an avoidance behavior) is so eloquently stated in this line taken from your text “can’t choose between condemning corporate and governmental actions or changing our diets and giving up our cars.”
    I feel safe in saying, that to he who wrote these brilliant words, I need not say say another word. Thank you for making your most expertly penned thoughts available to me.


  3. Around it comes again, echoing in the mind’s ear, that line from Lenard Cohen: “Love’s the only engine of survival.” There is the only antidote to the poison of indifference, the corrosion of the soul of blaming the victim in the name of “individual responsibility”, the denial of the simple fact that we are all here on this small planet together were the fate of each is intertwined with all the others.


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