Who Are We?

6 thoughts on “Who Are We?”

  1. The odds are, especially given the venue, that this is just another false-flag “attack” meant to get attention and paint have the country as Nazis. Face it, it’s NYC – a liberal bastion and a place where millennials and others do things like this. But then, 99% of the “hate crimes” have been false flags, with almost all of the rest – one horrid exception – have been by Muslims (a protected class).

    Funny though how you obviously hate President Trump and somehow tacitly link him with antisemitism when half his family is Jewish.


      1. Look it up. Liberals and various minorities are getting busted all over the country for faking “hate crimes,” mostly on college campuses.


  2. thank you for this caring
    editorial on our deteriorating systems,
    economic, social & political.
    indeed, those charged to protect
    our country from a coup
    & champion justice & truth
    need loving protection
    from all this gorse bush represents.
    may there be greater justice
    for all people, animals, plants
    & mother earth :-)


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