We Choose Life

6 thoughts on “We Choose Life”

  1. Beautiful words! I wish I had your optimism about us apes realising that the cliff edge is approaching and then being able to stop. I fear that most of us will go over the cliff! Look at Syria, Trump, Brexit, etc. us apes have a greater capacity for stupidity that survival sometimes.

    Of course it may be the case that Nature has the greatest capacity for survival and she will remove the threat that we present…

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  2. I was visiting old posts by you and this one really resonated with me… Beautifully written!: I feel- like you- that change starts with each one of us. And eventually, if taken to a next (engagement in between) things could change… Also so many countries can take specific actions … But for that purpose, those countries need to destinate part of their public budget to a major cause. And this not always happens, even more considering the economical monsters behind actions that most times damage our planet. But I remain hopeful… probably because of all the reasons you have mentioned above, and those moments when I feel absolutely connected to Nature… Most of those times I think Nature is so perfect and long-lived. and … that it seems it is unbeatable.
    Thank you for sharing… Love & best wishes ;)

    PS: If you have time, listen to this song: “Change” by Lana del Rey

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