Bus Stop Song

5 thoughts on “Bus Stop Song”

  1. I didn’t start driving until I was obliged to…my late partner needed transport and the local public network wouldn’t cut it with his illness. I was nearly forty. I love my car, love driving and the freedom it gives me to explore when alternative forms of transport in these rural areas is appalling and very expensive here. But I can’t imagine not walking and keeping that relationship with the natural world that still lives in our urban landscape.


    1. I did love my cars, they were friends as well as ways to get from place to place. I do miss the sense of power I got from driving, and from finding out what ailed my friends with hearts of steel and being able to put it right. They do indeed give us a freedom no other humans have had to explore and to travel at speeds our ancestors could only dream of. If we could just put this in proper perspective and take responsibility for the real damage personal car ownership does to our relationships with each other and to the world, we could have deep connection and freedom to roam. I agree, the price of travel even within cities is appalling. We’ve made driving a bargain and sunk our collective money into facilities for cars instead of a public transport network that is cheap, pleasant, and gets people where they’re going. So everyone drives and no one counts the unseen costs to all that lives.


      1. I agree. Living in a city most of my younger years, I never had to worry about a car… the transport links were great, routes went everywhere and prices were affordable. As more cars came onto the roads, public transport plummeted in quality and rose in price to become prohibitive. There really is little choice left but cars in rural areas… and yet, it is collectively self-inflicted.


  2. This is why I tried to make it clear in the original post that I was talking of cities. It’s worth your life to step onto the road in most rural areas. I stayed less than a quarter mile from the visitor center at Bru na Boinne on a road with no shoulders. It was an adventure, I was an animal with ears pricked and fleet of foot as I ran to the gates.


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