Bloom Where You’re Planted

4 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

  1. That’s lovely, Erin. You know I love to travel, to talk to my friends, the redwoods of the coast, and now, the redwoods of the Sierras. I am theirs. However, I have come to understand, as I walk the land, this little suburban (but that’s really all we have in Redding) neighborhood that I live in, currently. I am here for my father, and to evolve to clan leader (something I never would’ve chosen to do on my own), but I walk the land here, and enjoy it. I talk to the trees and plants, in all their variety, and try not to be too touchy-feely (I’ve learned they like to be asked!). And I am well aware that this neighborhood is a little fortress against the wilderness around it. The fences, walls and garages seal it off, keep out the darkness of the green areas around it. But there are castle gates and I regularly go out them. Thank you for your writing. It’s wonderful. Siete and I will be returning to your wilderness, never doubt it.

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  2. I know the yearning you feel for green spaces. It is hard to live in an urban area when your heart longs for the country and wide open spaces. You clearly savor what green you can find. I loved your listing the green spirits as you walked your neighborhood. I do that, too. “Hello you,” I say as I touch their rough trunks. :)
    When I post, you are of the people for whom I write and photograph my rural surroundings. I grew up in the country, moved to the ‘burbs and city, before returning 19 years later, vowing never to leave. I am so grateful to live where I do. Maybe someday, your wish for a green space will come true.


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