The Song Of Life Sings Through Us

2 thoughts on “The Song Of Life Sings Through Us”

  1. Thank you for your voice, sister! I and we could do so, so much more, and the beginning is to realize as you so beautifully said, that we are all connected, that there is no separation, that individual choices are collective choices are choices to live as/on the whole as well as possible. Here are a few things I do, which I’m adding for sake of discussion. By default, but now also by choice, I don’t have a car and when a car is necessary I ride with others. I get all my beauty, hair, and other such products second-hand or from an online store called vitacost that offers toxin and cruelty free, non gmo products. I recycle everything I can. There are many other things I do, but even more we as a community need to do such as provide assistance to and at farmers’ markets for people with disabilities, plant community gardens, try to buy as much locally as possible, not just food! and *knock off the fracking in general but especially in an earthquake state.* Take it one choice at a time, always do your best, be present. Hugs.


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