Why Oakland Is Not Paradise

4 thoughts on “Why Oakland Is Not Paradise”

  1. Hugs, sister. It’s sad, but I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to move, soon. No one should have to live like that. The very least thing to do is look out for one another. I do what I can and hope for change, in so many ways.


  2. Ugh. It was like that when I lived in Rockford. Apathetic cops, not enough for the area and population, and people not giving a dman. I’d never experienced a non-response until I lived there. I wasn’t going to ignore the upstairs neighbors’ domestic nightmares, what if somebody got seriously hurt or killed when the furniture went flying? I knew too many people who’d say “eh, not our business, it’s a city” or something.

    OT: I stumbled on another BART while looking at various transit options: bus service in a remote area in far northern WI. Rural places and small towns could use a similar model.


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