Yew and Cypress

Being largely ignored in a public place has certain advantages. 99% of the passers by either don’t register my presence, or are actively avoiding the fact that I’m there. Considering the inherent lack of privacy in a large city, and the mindset riding transit can put you in, I can understand and even sympathize. I … Continue reading Yew and Cypress

Sweet Spot

My favorite spot has temporary mood lighting. It’s been hired by Virgin Air and plastered with advertising that is primarily black and dark purple. The ceiling has been painted black and half the light shades have been changed from white to purple. I have a sexy black-clad woman with a bow and arrow to stand … Continue reading Sweet Spot

Worlds Apart

That was just the recharge I needed. Well, maybe not the three nights of steady drinking, but nothing that morning coffee didn’t set right. Getting to spend the day barefoot, in my leine, listening to bands and hanging with my clan, now that was a taste of the world I want to live in. The … Continue reading Worlds Apart