Change The World

2 thoughts on “Change The World”

  1. I am a lot like you. I actually see Nature all around me. I look at the flowers to see the differences in each one. I watch nature as if it is in slow motion. I watch the trees move. I pay attention to how the leaves are shaped and I see how the branches have grown. I listen to see what I can hear. I watch the wind blow the leaves and the grass and whatever else is around at that time. I love how nature keep up the good fight with how our ozone is changing. It helps me calm myself and makes me feel one with my higher power. It rejuvenates me and energizes my aura like an energizer bunny. I look for beauty all around us. I just wish all would slow down enough to watch the stars or the clouds etc…life is too short. time to stop and smell the roses and see the movies nature makes for us everyday. This I have always enjoyed since my childhood. It has intensified since I have become pagan/wiccan. I follow the harm none and i see people all the time abusing nature when it is our very being…everything around us is alive if the would just see. lol sorry for the long reply…i get going and cant stop. thank you for this blog, i found it inspiring.


  2. How beautiful. If you slow down and look, and I slow down, and we talk about our experiences to others, others will too. It’s slow, but it’s the only way I know to grow awareness. Be the change we wish to see. And we’re not the only ones. The Transcendentalist movement in the 19th century did the same, and those authors are still read.

    The techniques I use that have really made my practices take off are mainly Pagan and Druidic and Buddhist, though I am Unitarian, born and raised. And hearing what others do helps me refine them. Thanks for sharing a bit of what you do.


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